Clean Your Energy Field | Is your cluttered physical environment causing your energy to feel cluttered as well? This channeled info tells you how to transcend it.

Dear Ones,

When you collect and collate things in your environment, the energy you feel as a result can cause disharmony within you and within your energy field. Today we wish to focus on how your environment affects your state of being.

We, of course, do not have a physical environment. It is much easier for us to focus our attention on what we want because we have no “distractions”. You, on the other hand, have many distractions which draw your attention toward those things you do not prefer.

We would suggest having a practice of placing yourself in a serene location and absorbing the atmosphere of that location in order to operate from it. In this way, you are functioning from a state of harmony rather than clutter, disorder, and the stress of the things that remind you of what you do not prefer.

We understand that this is not always possible. And so we would tell you that you are fully capable of sending your consciousness out to any location you find pleasing – even space if you prefer. So do this and bring back with you the state of peace and harmony you encounter there. Use that to fuel your everyday lives. 

If you begin to find yourselves looking around at the chaos and becoming a part of it, remember your preferred location and state of being and bring it back into the present moment with you. In this way, you will no longer be affected by what surrounds you. You will instead create the environment that will come into being based on the state you have experienced and brought into existence in the now.

We think this will help you a great deal this week.

Remember that we are always available and look forward to serving you. You need only ask.

And we thank you.