We would speak to you today on your ability to persevere. We realize, from your transmissions to us, that you are not all happy with the current situation there on Earth. You are not all happy about the darkness that you perceive, and you want more of the light.

We would say to you that right now is a time of churning loose the very deeply integrated “dark” as you call it, and lifting it off the planet – re-integrating it with the light and clearing it of patterns that are not in alignment with the wishes, so to speak, of the whole.

You, Dear Ones, are the filters through which this process happens. You are the lights through which this darkness must pass to be lifted free. You are the volunteers in this ascension and you are doing this for the good of all. Not just the good of all there on Earth, but the good of All, everywhere.

So, when you feel this darkness overtake you, when you feel this hopelessness and worthlessness that sometimes “sneaks up on you”, know that you are performing a very important task for The All. You are clearing the “darkness” so that All may feel the light that is already there.

EveryONE is working with the lightworkers so that you are not overwhelmed by more than you can handle. We allow the influx of light into you for breaks, so to speak. And so, when you are in the midst of one of these clearings – and there have been many, and close together recently – know that the light is coming again. The light is always coming again. And when it does, it will be brighter and filled with more love than the last time you felt it.

And we thank you.


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