Dear Ones,

Today we speak to you on resentment.

We can see and sense that many within the collective have a focus that is surrounding this idea: When you do not have what you want it is the fault of someone or something else. We would say that is so if you allow it to be so.

We would also say that when you decide upon a course of action you would prefer, you can make this happen as a reality for yourself and for those around you.

We would also say that when you combine these ideas with others of like mind, you can further your ideas into reality. This happens not only because of a sharing of 3D tasks, but an exponential amplification of the energy of the thing or way of being you wish to promote.

And so, we would suggest that instead of feeling anger or resentment regarding those things on a grand scale that you feel need to change, instead you can start with yourself and those around you and make the changes there first. We speak of both internal and external changes.

When you do this, you shift the energy of yourself, and those around you and then also, as you are connected to the All, you begin to shift the energy of the collective there on Earth as well. And the more of you who start “small”, and start with one topic or theme at a time, the more your energies and intentions will merge and you will see it in the collective as well.

We hope this will guide you and help with both your internal feelings as well as the direction for the All within ascension.

And we thank you.


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