Sudden changes leave us feeling adrift. The Arcturians give us some background and advice about how to navigate that change.


Dear Ones,

You know that in your lives there, the only constant is change. We can see that expected changes do not affect you as much as the unexpected. We would like to give you some information that might make it easier to navigate the changes you are, and will, continue to be going through.

First, realize that you are never not changing. With everything you learn, with every new acquaintance, you are gaining a new understanding of something. You are moving, adapting, and continuing. You have always done this.

Next, you must realize that you were meant to do this here. There is no point in incarnating and having a completely stationary life. If you wanted this, you would be on another planet as something that never moved or grew for millennia. So know that you came here for this.

Lastly, we know it is often difficult to see from your perspective, but change can lead to better and better things. Change can even create utter joy out of complete misery for anyone. And we see that it is difficult to know this because you cannot see what is coming that is better or more exciting or more interesting. You cannot see the new friends you will make and the new places you will see. And there is a lot of fear surrounding change for you because of this.

So, know that change is your natural state and that there is always the possibility for even better experiences ahead. When you keep this frame of mind, you will be more likely to allow the good to show up for you.

We hope this serves you.

And we thank you.


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