I asked for a message about April Energies today. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!


The energies of April will be about parsing out information from your soul. The information is centered around your growth and transformation since approximately 2010. There have been a great many untruths that you believed about yourselves. April is a month in which many will gain clarity around patterns of behavior. It is a good month for releasing that which you now see – and no longer wish to believe – about yourself or how others see you.

We can recommend that you take the time to really dive deeply into your own mind, your own beliefs, and really look into the patterns that are repeating in your life. What belief does your subconscious mind hold about you that is attracting these patterns? It doesn’t have to be about a past life (although it can be). First, you can look into your current lifetime. The patterns impressed upon you can create ways of being – etched in your mental processes.

If you take the time in April to do some activities that allow you to recognize your patterns (and the things you wish to no longer have affect you in your joy) you will gain more clarity than ever this month. Some activities you may wish to try are meditation, journaling, hypnosis, EMDR, and talk therapy.

We can only guide and support you, but you must take the time to look deeply within and find the answers you seek. Now is the perfect time. After you discover the patterns you wish to release, you will have time to “come to terms” with what you have discovered. And your lives will be so much more joyful going forward.

We hope this helps and supports you.

And we thank you.

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